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Doubling a space is more than just a quantity. The feeling of openness is greater than expected, and the effect of the combination is rather pleasing. In order to fit their growing needs, the owners sought the first opportunity to annex the apartment next door and double their space. The result is a three thousand square foot home in Midtown, Manhattan. The layout of this space is symmetrical; the public area is located in the center with two 2-bedroom suites on either side. Due to the shape of the building, the master bedroom suite is now ninety feet from the guest suite. The one thousand square foot spacious living room is perfect for grand cocktail parties. It has a sixty foot glass frontage thirty-one stories above street level with panoramic views of midtown.

The public space is anchored at the middle with the dining area. There are two sitting areas, one for entertainment and the other for reading with a full working bar at hand. The transition in the living room floor has been well camouflaged. Koder took advantage of the wild grain inherent in the marble to expand and match the existing marble tiles.

Starting with the original sixty square feet, this kitchen grew four times by combining both kitchens, and adding few adjacent closets and an ancillary hallway. The custom cabinetry is faux painted, with chocolate brown interiors and lighting to enhance the objects on display. The owner requested a butterfly motif which was made with semi precious lapis lazuli and inlaid within the Jerusalem Gold flooring. The Viking stove has a matching blue panel. Koder designed the chairs and table with handmade stencils for the breakfast area. The French bucolic scene is by Pierre Frey. Gathered linen fabric line the upper portion of the pantry doors. The glazed dressing room doors were painted with a motif from inspired by the antique Oriental paravan. The master bed is a custom frame by Auffrance, and the bed linens are by Anichini. In order to emulate a rug in the master bedroom, Koder imbedded within the Hauteville limestone a custom mosaic floor by Studium.