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East River

Having repeat clients is an extremely valuable testimony to a successful partnership between architect and client. When Koder started working on this two bedroom Murray Hill apartment in 1992, it did not cross his mind that he will be returning ten years later to do more work, especially on a much grander scale. So when the client purchased the adjacent two-bedroom unit and decided to combine the two, Koder was pleased to know that he was enlisted to design and decorate his favorite client’s home.

The client and the architect agreed to gut the entire space and plan for a more spacious home with fewer rooms. The original apartment became dedicated to the public areas – taking advantage of the vast river views; and the newly annexed apartment was transformed into a master suite with a large walk- in-closet with his and her bathrooms.

The sun drenched living and dining spaces opened to a cherry paneled library with custom metal doors. The old living room door, original to the 1992 renovation, was re-installed in its original place and backlit along its mullions. An entertainment cabinet made with cherry wood faces the living room and doubles up as a dining dresser. The custom furniture came from France and Germany. The Tibetan rugs were designed by Barbara Barry for Tuvenkian. The new stainless steel kitchen was imported from Italy.

A spacious hall with muted glass panels, borrowing light from the perimeter rooms, connected the public and private areas. The metal and cherry panels included light coves above and below. The floor was made with custom Hauteville limestone slabs.

The master bedroom hallway leading to the bed area abutted the walk-in-closet and serviced his and hers bathrooms. The cherry wood walk-in-closet doors have acid etched glass panes. Koder used tung oil rubbed teak boards for the floor.

The kitchen in the annexed apartment became a spacious “her” bathroom. The Jacuzzi tub was imbedded within a limestone platform. Narrow stone niches with statues, candles, mirrors and a small TV provided the atmosphere!