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Mexican Riviera Compound

When approaching the harbor of the Mexican town of Zihuantanejo from the Pacific Ocean, one is greeted by the soaring rocky cliffs spread across its bay. The stretch of terrain is so vast; it fills the eye with peace and tranquility and provides an excellent backdrop to the Sierra Madre Del Sur Mountains. Several American entrepreneurs and wealthy retirees have chosen this spot to build their dream homes.

The steep slopes of this site dictated the layout. Several bungalows with sinuous stucco interiors housed the various functions were strewn across the property and at different levels. Each bungalow provided the necessary privacy in addition to the dramatically unique ocean views. The architect used rough hewn stone excavated from the land to set the bases of the bungalows. Contrasted with the stone base, a bamboo palapa was used for the cover. The almost perfect weather allows the owners to open their windows to the breeze – living in an open air theater – watching the drama of the Pacific night and day. The infinity pool was installed at the edge of the cliff amplifying the element of repose against the waters in the distance. The architectural vernacular of western Mexico thus set forth by the architect has responded adequately to its surroundings.